Band Counseling

Is your band's harmony off-stage as flat as a broken guitar string? Are long-standing arguments and constant fighting dimming the spotlight on your music? If the backstage feels more like a battleground, turning bandmates into adversaries rather than collaborators, it's time to retune the relationships.

Remember the early days when your band felt more like a family? It's time to rediscover that harmony. Being in a band is like being in a marriage. you need your partners to be committed, have integrity and communicate their feelings. Whether you are just starting, or its been decades, the therapeutic process can help your band become the strongest and healthiest version possible.

I specialize in helping bands like yours develop effective communication skills, fostering an environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued. Through professionally guided therapy, your band can learn to navigate conflicts, solve problems collectively, and most importantly, transform tension into creative synergy.

Don't let unresolved issues be your band's swan song. Embrace therapy as your backstage pass to a stronger, more cohesive band dynamic, where every member plays a pivotal role in writing your success story!

Solo Counseling

Sometimes the music industry gives you more than you can manage and you may feel anxious, stressed and/or depressed. Whether you feel alone and misunderstood or are struggling in relationships, we will create an action plan that empowers you in both your personal and professional life. We will walk through your journey together and make positive and permanent life changes.

Maybe you go to meetings and feel like your manager/agent/label never gets anything done? Do you avoid conflict, disassociate, or feel like a pursuer? Maybe you need to work on people-pleasing and are tired of walking on eggshells. Having healthy communication is your key to success.

I offer individual counseling and coaching to musicians, performers, singers, songwriters. If you are looking for someone who can listen and empathize without judgement, I just may be that professional you have been looking for. I will teach you tools for healthy conflict resolution so that you can work through your crisis in a safe space. Whether you're grappling with the pressures of the spotlight, feeling performance anxiety or experiencing depression after a tour, there's a path to harmony.

Whether you are an international icon or a beginner looking to have your voice heard, reach out now and let's start tuning your life to the rhythm of happiness and success.

In person sessions are only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am - 4pm. All other sessions will be conducted via Telehealth on Zoom.
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